Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ideally, The Daily Block should not only be a source of information, but also a social platform for the polite and respectful sharing of ideas, comments, critiques, and, yes, compliments. Internet users, however, often have other plans, in which case we include the following policies:


  1. Language that is offensive, slanderous, disrespectful, abusive, racist, prejudiced, or in any way threatening to a person or group of people will not be permitted. Critiques are different than insults; keep discussions intelligent and well-mannered.
  2. Any/all exchanging or talk of exchanging funds or digital currency is not allowed.
  3. Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated. Period.
  4. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please see Write For use section. Otherwise, please keep comments short and sweet.
  5. No spam.
  6. All comments will be moderated by the administrators of The Daily Block. Comments with links will be regarded as suspicious; usernames with URLs will be regarded as spam (see policy #5), and commenters that say the same thing too many times will be regarded as boring and therefore spam.
  7. No trolls.
  8. Please observe the law by refraining from libel and/or copyright infringement.
  9. The Daily Block administrators will not hesitate to delete, block, and/or report users who do not abide by the above policies. If you wish to report a comment for any violation of the above, or simply have questions or feedback, please e-mail us at