Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Daily Block is an independent venture, and is thus committed to publishing and promoting independent content, free of unfair bias, outside interests, financial relationships, or inaccurate (fake) news.  To help hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of journalistic integrity, we aim to abide by the following ethical guidelines:

  1. Fact-Based Reporting and Re-Publishing:

In a “post-truth” age, we strive more (not less) for truth. Whether aggregating stories, reporting news, or providing opinion, our goal is to do so with honesty, transparency, responsibility, and care. Contextualization is of prime importance in this process, as we wish to hold and provide a nuanced, culturally-competent understanding of what are oftentimes complex issues.

We will proceed with healthy skepticism when gathering information from both official and unofficial sources. Facts and stories will be checked and corroborated whenever possible, and when not, the credibility of the source will be evaluated. If ever we do publish information that has proven to be misleading or inaccurate, we will do everything in our power to correct, retract, and clarify the offending content.

  1. Providing a Public Service:

As members of the free press, we are beholden to the general welfare of people we serve. It is our responsibility to make sure the public is appropriately informed about any actions or words that may affect them, especially by governments or institutions of power.

We believe in the strength of cultural and intellectual diversity, and that this platform should strive to reflect the varying communities we serve. We adhere to the tenets of the First Amendment, promoting wide-ranging views on many topics, while rejecting intolerance and bigotry in any form.

  1. Journalistic Fairness:

In addition to providing multiple sides to stories (where appropriate), we will add context and/or other perspectives to already published content if new and valid sources are presented to us. Anonymous sources will only be used if there is the legitimate issue of security, either personally or professionally. We consider using only one anonymous source without corroboration to be unadvisable in most circumstances, and we will do our best use this method only in rare instances.

  1. Separation of Content and Commerce:

To maintain credibility as a serious source of digital currency news, our content will remain independent of any/all advertisements or conflicts of interest. If ever a potential conflict does arise, we will be fully transparent about the relationship and strive to keep the content free of outside influence.

  1. Honesty and Honorability:

Social media, celebrity culture, dwindling ethics, sensationalism, and shortening attention spans (among other factors) have plagued the state of modern-day journalism. The Daily Block will do its part to combat these influences by acting with common decency, and sensible respect for the law. This includes of avoiding plagiarism, fabrication of content, and purposeful or accidental misrepresentation of facts.